25 Random facts About Me!

I wrote these 25 facts things about me about 4 years ago and found it just now.  I thought I would share it with you all. 99% of it still remains true.

1. I fart in bed (any woman who denies doing this is lying)
2. I once stole something from the Post Office in Cox Green
3. I drove into a parked car whilst trying to peer at a house that was up for sale, but drove off without stopping to give my details
4. I will never ever shop in ADSA as long as I live no matter how poor I become
5. I remember making a girl from school poo in the bushes outside because I wouldn’t let her use the toilet in my house…
6. Although I come across as confident bubbly and loud, beneath it all I am very sensitive and worry a lot about what people think about me…it is all an act!
7. I hate my curvy shape and wish every day of my life that I didnt have such child baring hips
8. I make out I can cook but mostly I just “heat things up”
9. I spend way too much money
10. I wouldn’t call myself a shopaholic as I use or wear everything I buy
11. I love crisps and can easily eat 6 bags in a day
12. I have a severe hatred of buttons
13. My first date with my husband was in a Social Club…classy
14. I was never cut out to work…never really got on with it. If I could be employed as a chat or a gossip I would be in heaven
15. Wish I had trained to be an interior designer
16. I hate my feet
17. I am amazed everyday that I managed to produce two wonderful kids (obviously with the help of my husband)…
18. I have lost count the amount of times I have started to write a diary and given up before the end of January, same goes for dry January.
19. I have a thing about cars.
20. My favourite flowers are Gerberas
21. I will never be completely happy until I have lived in a house with sash windows
22. I quite enjoy picking my nose but only if the green stuff has gone all crusty
23. I drink far too much and seriously need to cut down.
24. I always use my husbands razor to shave my legs
25. I sometimes wish I was a nicer person.

If you want to you could post your 25 random facts about yourself in the comments below….

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