Happy New Year

Can you believe it has been over three months since I last blogged? Why? That same old cliche that ‘crazy busy’ people brandish about implying self importance and superiority – just too busy. What tosh, I just haven’t made the time, I should have and I am sorry.

So after an afternoon on the sofa under a bargain fur throw and two hairy beagles for company, (plus tea and crumpets and eventually wine), I have made some New Years resolutions and one of them is to spend more time blogging. By that I mean spilling my guts on the randomness of what swims about in my confused mind and the mentalist stuff that goes on in my life and my long suffering family, who will be ridiculed at various points.

Just think of me as your modern day Bridget Jones, all grown up. Let’s face it, I have the same addiction to the scales, a predictable relationship with wine as a fully fledged member of the wine o’clock club and a job in the media to boot. I even have my very own Mark Darcy who is the brunt of many of my jokes.

To say I will blog every day like a diary is probably foolish and will only set me up to fail…… So I am merely promising to visit more often, and THAT I can keep to.

So I bid you all and the year that was 2013 a fond farewell. I wish you all a splendid NEW YEAR and I will see you on the other side!


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