5:2 Diet – Day 6

Another wonderful feeding day on the 5:2 Diet and nice relaxing Sunday.  I was able to enjoy a guilt free bacon roll and a cuppa at our local Costa and all the yumminess of a Sunday roast. One thing that really makes me happy is a good old roast.  It lifts my spirits and gives me a warm feeling.  So I think I can safely say that Sunday will never be one of my low calorie days!

Since starting this diet and my blog posts I have been approached a number of times and asked many questions. Indeed one of the most common questions is about the fasting or “low calorie” day.  The most common question was:

Are you “allowed” to eat all of your 500 calories (600 for men) over the course of the day or are they supposed to be consumed in one sitting?

5:2 Diet Questions

Let’s be clear here. There are no hard and fast rules on this diet. There is no book, no published scientific evidence, no website. How you follow it is up to you. It also depends on what your goals are.  From what I have read so far it seems that if your main goal is to lose weight then spreading the 500 calories throughout the day is fine and you should achieve loss of weight and body fat.  If you are more concerned with the health benefits and prevent age related illnesses and lower your IGF-1 levels then a 24 hour period of complete fasting (zero calories) is recommended.  However, on the Horizon program Michael Mosely both lost weight and significantly reduced his IGF-1, cholesterol and blood sugar levels by splitting his calories into two meals.  My advice is this. Do whatever suits you and your lifestyle and what helps you stick to it. If it is unachievable for you it will just be another faddy diet you give up after a few days.

I have also found some other source of information which might be of interest. One in particular is a really helpful group on Facebook.  5:2 Intermittent Fasting Diet group is full of peoples experiences, questions, links and support.  You can request membership to the group here.

Another good blog to follow is Feast Fast Feast.

Tomorrow is results day for my first week and you can read about how I got on with my third “low calorie” day!

See you tomorrow :)

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