5:2 Diet – Day 8

Today was weigh in day on the 5:2 diet and to see my results click here.  Today I was able to enjoy a free day of feeding. As a small experiment I thought I would track the calories that I consumed throughout the day, on a normal day.  I didn’t exactly watch what I ate but on the same token I didn’t pig out either.  I think I managed to get through to the end of my evening meal on about 1500 calories. I made sensible choices when I wanted to and when I wanted to scoff two packets of crisps back to back….. I did just that!

I had a meeting in the evening and had a few Quality Street and a glass of wine so I think I probably had about 1800 calories in total today.  Not bad for a feeding day.

My husband, in an attempt to assist me with my efforts, came home with wine for me to try.    For those of you who do not know me, I like a glass bottle of wine or three. So his suggest was that I try this….

5:2 Diet wine


I am fairly certain that the look on my face was enough to communicate to him how I felt about this.  I am more confused as to why anyone sees the point in producing such a product. None the less I did think it worth a try as it may well help me in my quest. (What that should really read is “there was no other wine in the house and desperate measures made for a desperate call!”)

I drank the wine, which was presented like wine and looked like wine and was chilled like wine. It most certainly did not taste like wine.  I cannot describe its taste to you. It was just wrong.  Its a bit like eating extra light mayonnaise…. why would you?  If you want it have it and have the real thing and enjoy it!

See you all tomorrow :)



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