25 Random facts About Me!

I wrote these 25 facts things about me about 4 years ago and found it just now.  I thought I would share it with you all. 99% of it still remains true.

1. I fart in bed (any woman who denies doing this is lying)
2. I once stole something from the Post Office in Cox Green
3. I drove into a parked car whilst trying to peer at a house that was up for sale, but drove off without stopping to give my details
4. I will never ever shop in ADSA as long as I live no matter how poor I become
5. I remember making a girl from school poo in the bushes outside because I wouldn’t let her use the toilet in my house…
6. Although I come across as confident bubbly and loud, beneath it all I am very sensitive and worry a lot about what people think about me…it is all an act!
7. I hate my curvy shape and wish every day of my life that I didnt have such child baring hips
8. I make out I can cook but mostly I just “heat things up”
9. I spend way too much money
10. I wouldn’t call myself a shopaholic as I use or wear everything I buy
11. I love crisps and can easily eat 6 bags in a day
12. I have a severe hatred of buttons
13. My first date with my husband was in a Social Club…classy
14. I was never cut out to work…never really got on with it. If I could be employed as a chat or a gossip I would be in heaven
15. Wish I had trained to be an interior designer
16. I hate my feet
17. I am amazed everyday that I managed to produce two wonderful kids (obviously with the help of my husband)…
18. I have lost count the amount of times I have started to write a diary and given up before the end of January, same goes for dry January.
19. I have a thing about cars.
20. My favourite flowers are Gerberas
21. I will never be completely happy until I have lived in a house with sash windows
22. I quite enjoy picking my nose but only if the green stuff has gone all crusty
23. I drink far too much and seriously need to cut down.
24. I always use my husbands razor to shave my legs
25. I sometimes wish I was a nicer person.

If you want to you could post your 25 random facts about yourself in the comments below….

Cybher Meet and Greet

Some of the mums I know think all I do is blog all day. They think its funny, weird even, and take much delight in poking fun at every opportunity. “Oh Sal, you might not be able to come as you will be too busy blogging, ha ha ha!”  Yes really.  So to announce to them all that I am attending an event where there are hundreds of female bloggers all in one place, will confirm my status as nerdy, odd ball mum who lives her life online.  Pretty fair description I would say, but who do they all come running to when they want to know what Pinterest is?

Yes I am off to Cybher this weekend and to break the ice I am following suit and introducing myself with my own meet and greet post.

Name: Sally Todd (Well Sally Ann Todd in actual fact, how original we’re my parents in choosing a middle name? Well at least by getting married I lost my double barrel, phew)

Blogs: Toddstars Tales and Sally At Large (slowly moving everything over to the latter, it’s prettier)

Twitter ID: @SallyToddPR

Height: 5 foot 3 and a half

Hair: Very short brown crop ( I have tried long more times than you can shake a stick at, I look 12)

Sally Todd

5 things you should know about me:

1. Next month I will be 40. This pleases me no-end as for one I don’t think I look my age so it matters not and two, a very good reason for people to spend lots of money on me.

2. I have had more jobs than most have had hot dinners and at one time was nicknamed the serial job seeker. I now work happily freelance and this is how it will stay.


3. I am fairly certain I spend more of my waking hours online than offline.

4. The second most exciting thing to happen to me this year is that I started writing for the outstanding High Tea Cast for their Home Sweet Home column. I write about all things, family, parenting, domestic and home and I don’t hold back with the raw truth.

5. If I get done for speeding one more time I may lose my license. Don’t panic I am taking the train to Cybher.

Five things is definitely not enough to tell you all about me or for me to learn about all of you, so come on over and say hi on Saturday.

Don’t give up the day job!

I recently posted my new blog header illustration to Facebook and Twitter for all to see. The comments were, to say the least, highly complimentary. I enlisted the help of the immensely talented Michelle Allen.  Michelle is a lady I have huge respect for, not only in her ability to draw, design, work full time, be uber technical in all things in design gadgetry, but that she runs too and in what little spare time she has, she creates these little gems, these masterpieces of work.

I must admit I did give her an in depth brief and spoke extremely knowledgeably about what I was looking for and pretty much drew the whole thing out for her. I mean after all the practice I have had with drawing on the Draw Something app I can safely call myself an illustrator now. So as you will see she really didn’t have a lot to do but colour it in…… It’s all lies!

She got this….

Michelle you are amazing and I thank you! I also promise to never put pencil to drawing paper ever again. I will just stick to the words I think.