Cybher Meet and Greet

Some of the mums I know think all I do is blog all day. They think its funny, weird even, and take much delight in poking fun at every opportunity. “Oh Sal, you might not be able to come as you will be too busy blogging, ha ha ha!”  Yes really.  So to announce to them all that I am attending an event where there are hundreds of female bloggers all in one place, will confirm my status as nerdy, odd ball mum who lives her life online.  Pretty fair description I would say, but who do they all come running to when they want to know what Pinterest is?

Yes I am off to Cybher this weekend and to break the ice I am following suit and introducing myself with my own meet and greet post.

Name: Sally Todd (Well Sally Ann Todd in actual fact, how original we’re my parents in choosing a middle name? Well at least by getting married I lost my double barrel, phew)

Blogs: Toddstars Tales and Sally At Large (slowly moving everything over to the latter, it’s prettier)

Twitter ID: @SallyToddPR

Height: 5 foot 3 and a half

Hair: Very short brown crop ( I have tried long more times than you can shake a stick at, I look 12)

Sally Todd

5 things you should know about me:

1. Next month I will be 40. This pleases me no-end as for one I don’t think I look my age so it matters not and two, a very good reason for people to spend lots of money on me.

2. I have had more jobs than most have had hot dinners and at one time was nicknamed the serial job seeker. I now work happily freelance and this is how it will stay.


3. I am fairly certain I spend more of my waking hours online than offline.

4. The second most exciting thing to happen to me this year is that I started writing for the outstanding High Tea Cast for their Home Sweet Home column. I write about all things, family, parenting, domestic and home and I don’t hold back with the raw truth.

5. If I get done for speeding one more time I may lose my license. Don’t panic I am taking the train to Cybher.

Five things is definitely not enough to tell you all about me or for me to learn about all of you, so come on over and say hi on Saturday.

4 thoughts on “Cybher Meet and Greet

    • I think it will probably be easier for me to find you! Might you be on a stage or “up front” somewhere?? I will come and introduce myself.

  1. I wish I could do short hair. Tried it once and ended up with the nickname “Little Man” all through secondary school. Never again. Anyway, so pleased you’re going to CybHer – can’t wait to meet you. Will seek you out! x

    • I wish I could do long hair but it has taken me most of my years to realise it just doesn’t do anything for me. Doesn’t stop me from having long hair lust! Even considered a wig before now. Look forward to meeting you tomorrow. I will probably have Toddstars Tales on my badge as that is what my blog was when I booked last year.

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