Don’t give up the day job!

I recently posted my new blog header illustration to Facebook and Twitter for all to see. The comments were, to say the least, highly complimentary. I enlisted the help of the immensely talented Michelle Allen.  Michelle is a lady I have huge respect for, not only in her ability to draw, design, work full time, be uber technical in all things in design gadgetry, but that she runs too and in what little spare time she has, she creates these little gems, these masterpieces of work.

I must admit I did give her an in depth brief and spoke extremely knowledgeably about what I was looking for and pretty much drew the whole thing out for her. I mean after all the practice I have had with drawing on the Draw Something app I can safely call myself an illustrator now. So as you will see she really didn’t have a lot to do but colour it in…… It’s all lies!

She got this….

Michelle you are amazing and I thank you! I also promise to never put pencil to drawing paper ever again. I will just stick to the words I think.


4 thoughts on “Don’t give up the day job!

  1. Ha ha ha ha!

    After seeing your lovely new header, I got in touch with Michelle so hopefully I’ll have a fancy one too soon! I’m not entirely sure I’ll be using my drawing skills though – I make yours look like a Van Gogh ;)

  2. Aw Sal! You lovely one. It was quite the masterpiece, I especially like the laptop-calculator you have coming out of the car!

    Thank you for being a brilliant and understanding client and for being generally very wonderful x

  3. Michelle is indeed the best lady illustrator ever! HTC have been recommending the talents of Miss Allen to everyone we know, and we have enlisted help on many occassions!

    I learnt early on that there are some things that must be outsourced!


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