If I had the time…..

As I looked over the counter in the kitchen through into the family room, I observed my husband who had not long returned home from work.  Within less than five minutes of walking through the door he was horizontally stretched out on the sofa, head back, shoes kicked off and feet up.  With a beagle on one side and the TV remote on the other, all he needed was a beer and a bag of Doritos to complete the picture.

Woman cleaning round man on couch

Part of me thought, wow that’s nice he can relax so easily after a hard day at work.  The other part of me was staring at him with dagger eyes like something from return of the zombies, as a spleen exploding rage boiled up inside me.  You see there I stood with a to do list so long I could wallpaper the Sistine Chapel with it, whilst he lay there oblivious to my frustrations.  Being the sharing type of course, I couldn’t just let him be, oh no, I had to vent.  “Errr you don’t have time to be sitting down!”  He looked up briefly giving me only a moment’s attention before averting his eyes and re-focusing on the apparently ‘not to be missed’ activities on the television screen.  “How can you possibly sit there all relaxed like there is nothing to do, whilst I am drowning in a sea of ‘things to do’?” “Who is going to sort out the child minding and dog minding for the coming holiday?” I wailed like a banshee for a few minutes before the door slamming started and the “nobody helps me” speech reared it’s ugly head.


Yes, this is a regular occurrence in our house.  My husband relaxes and I fail to see how he has time or more importantly why I do not.  I am fairly certain that my lack of time is mainly of my own making, but this does not really make life easier.  It doesn’t stop me from wanting to start vacuuming whilst he is watching Top Gear, or like last weekend, make him clean the bathroom just as the England Rugby match has just started.  My plans are sometimes scuppered though as he has now installed a TV in the bathroom, so when I asked him to go and clean the bathroom, he went off agreeably without any argument.  I kindly shouted up to him that the rugby had started only to be told he was already watching it. Fair play. I guess as we both achieved what we wanted on this occasion.


However it has got me thinking about how we could both work more affectively and get all the jobs done between us. But more importantly what would I then do with more time on my hands?


  1. Learn how to use my oven.  I have had my oven for almost ten years. It’s one of those range types, with a large oven, a single oven and six-ring hob.  So far I have only used two rings on the hob and the small conventional oven.  I would go as far to say I have no idea how to even turn the main oven on. If you come to my house and need to use the oven, please don’t ask, it only ends in embarrassment…. On my part.
  2. Spend fifteen or twenty minutes perusing greetings cards for friends.  To pick out the perfect card for the perfect person. Not grab the prettiest card from the local Londis shop, which has been written in the car outside their house, before putting it through their letterbox, normally in the evening of their birthday.
  3. Cook a meal from scratch.  I am now on first name terms with the staff at Marks and Spencer and have tried every ready meal known to man.  I have most definitely consumed  horse meat at some point.  This would also encourage me to learn how to use my oven before I end up replacing it with a new one!
  4. Make an appointment to have my gel nails removed professionally rather than picking them off whilst in meetings and removing the top layer of my nail at the same time.  This time saving trick leaves me with terrible looking nails, which then need to be left to recover.  False economy on time there me thinks! Not to mention I have just read about someone who never trusts anyone with bad nails! *Looks down sheepishly*
  5. Read a book.  This is something I only ever do on holiday. My friends are capable of immersing themselves in a novel as chaos ensues around them, whilst they are gripped by the story and it’s characters.  The closest I get to this is glancing at the front cover of the multiple magazines I subscribe to but never read and being gripped by the price!

What would my husband do if he had more time on his hands?  Spend it on the Internet looking for more Mustang parts and accessories.  Now that is a whole other story!


Right, must dash, I have a Facebook account to keep up to date you know, and a lunch date with the girls is calling.

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