Saltburn Yarnbomber

Thousands of holidaying Briton’s headed to seaside resorts for the Easter holiday weekend and we were no different. With jumpers and coats and plenty of layers we braced ourselves for a weekend “up north” to visit family.

We made the trip to the victorian seaside town of Salburn-by-the-Sea along with our two children and two beagles, who were desperate to get on the beach as soon as we got there. It never ceases to amaze me, and indeed put a smile on my face, to see a packed beach with families and their pets enjoying the great outdoors, in what can only be described as a typical damp British Bank Holiday weekend. As the rain came down, they walked, they ran, they paddled in the sea, they played ball games and frisbee and ate fish and chips.

As we strolled slowly along the planks of the pier I was keen to view the acclaimed knitted Olympians as featured in the Daily Mail last month.


Hundreds of visitors have been delighted with the sight of more than 50 yards of knitted Olympic athletes striking a pose on Saltburn Pier. The identity of the nifty knitter, nicknamed the “Saltburn Yarnbomber,” remains a mystery but this isn’t his or her debut. Previous displays have included a teddy bears picnic last year on the town’s Marine Parade and a 6ft long scarf complete with knitted books was left outside the local library. As hundreds flock to this beautiful seaside resort to see this display of woollen graffiti, I think it would be safe to say that if Saltburn council had hired the best PR agency in the country, in an attempt to boost tourism, they would never have come up with a tactic like this!



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