5:2 Diet Update

Hi all!

I havent posted for a couple of days.  I haven’t posted as I have been thinking, reading and mulling over.  Today I have decided to stop my trial/review of the 5:2 Diet.  Here is why:

  1. Fasting or eating very few calories has resulted in disrupting my sleep quite noticeably.
  2. There are too many unknowns about the long term effects of eating like this.
  3. Too many people will assume that you really can eat whatever you want on your 5 days and lose weight. You won’t!
  4. I am not convinced that all calories are equal so are we even actually eating 500 calories.
  5. Eating this way does not encourage the right relationship to have with food.
  6. All the forums and discussion groups are a vicious circle of questions which never get answered. Is this because there has been no published scientific evidence.  Even if there was, how do we no it hasn’t been manipulated to suggest what it wants us to believe?
  7. Why should I have to feel hungry 2 days a week. What is right about that? Surely if I just ate the RIGHT food consistently throughout the week I would not feel hungry and I would find my optimum weight naturally?
  8. I wasn’t really giving the diet a true test as I was not investigating the health benefits.
  9. Isn’t it a no brainer that over a course of week if you reduce your calorie intake by say 3000 calories albeit over two days, you are bound to lose weight anyway?
  10. I was advised to STOP this diet right now by a health professional and watch this ….


5:2 Diet – Day 8

Today was weigh in day on the 5:2 diet and to see my results click here.  Today I was able to enjoy a free day of feeding. As a small experiment I thought I would track the calories that I consumed throughout the day, on a normal day.  I didn’t exactly watch what I ate but on the same token I didn’t pig out either.  I think I managed to get through to the end of my evening meal on about 1500 calories. I made sensible choices when I wanted to and when I wanted to scoff two packets of crisps back to back….. I did just that!

I had a meeting in the evening and had a few Quality Street and a glass of wine so I think I probably had about 1800 calories in total today.  Not bad for a feeding day.

My husband, in an attempt to assist me with my efforts, came home with wine for me to try.    For those of you who do not know me, I like a glass bottle of wine or three. So his suggest was that I try this….

5:2 Diet wine


I am fairly certain that the look on my face was enough to communicate to him how I felt about this.  I am more confused as to why anyone sees the point in producing such a product. None the less I did think it worth a try as it may well help me in my quest. (What that should really read is “there was no other wine in the house and desperate measures made for a desperate call!”)

I drank the wine, which was presented like wine and looked like wine and was chilled like wine. It most certainly did not taste like wine.  I cannot describe its taste to you. It was just wrong.  Its a bit like eating extra light mayonnaise…. why would you?  If you want it have it and have the real thing and enjoy it!

See you all tomorrow :)



5:2 Diet Week 1 Result

This is just a quick post to update you on my first weeks progress on the 5:2 diet. To remind yourself what I started at click here.

5:2 Diet Results

This morning I weighed in at 11 stone 5.8 which is a total loss this week of 2.4 pounds.

My body fat reading was 35.6% which is a loss of 2.4% strangely!

I will monitor everything else after 4 weeks. But for now I am heading in the right direction.

See you tomorrow! :)