Todds on Tour – Are we Nearly There Yet?

Where should I start? We have taken a rare two-week holiday in the South of France in peak season governed by the timings of the Olympics and my husbands work commitments around this. Normally our holiday would be timed to the cheapest deal I could get to anywhere British Airways fly.  I have an unreasonable apprehension of flying and do not fly any other airline for fear of dropping clean out of the sky.  Why I think BA are any different to any other airline I can’t quite fathom but perhaps I am just being a little bit British.  And besides, the colours and the logo are to my approval so it must be all right.  As usual the husband always had to be at the front of the queue, queue jump or feel he has some sort of priority.  Just as well we made use of the Gatwick privilege service and sailed through bag drop and security within minutes.  I was however a little alarmed at the request by security to check the contents of my make-up bag.  The chap disappeared behind a screen and I half expected him to return covered in my Liz Earl moisturiser and my Dior lip gloss!


On arrival at Nice airport we quickly began to realize the benefits of flying an airline other than BA.  Easyjet to be precise, whose flights all land in the same terminal as the car rental.  After taking a bus (yes I said bus) to the terminal in what can only be described as 400 degree heat with the great unwashed to where the car rentals were, my husband was amazed, and quite frankly openly annoyed, at the queue for our car rental.  That deal that seemed too good to be true on the Internet?  Seemed everyone else had seen it too and were stood in the exact same queue, but in front of us! Over an hour later we emerged into the heat with our VW Golf.  He hates Golfs!

I was given the task of being chief  map reader, co pilot, navigator, call it what you like, I was in charge of the Google directions. This was probably a mistake.  My idea of map reading is turning the map round in the direction we are going until I end up with it upside down and headed in the opposite direction.  Either that or spending too long looking out of the window at the scenery and forgetting where we are on the list of directions only to discover all too late that we had in fact just missed our turning!

…to be continued!

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