Todds on Tour – The Gaff

We finally arrived at our luxury resort.  The girl had done good. What a blinder! This couldn’t have been more up my street if I had tried.  My mother would have felt quite at home, it being a gated development with security and everything. The only thing it lacked for her to feel completely comfortable was a Marks and Spencer Simply Food.  The resort was impeccably kept with beautiful gardens and so quiet. All the cars were parked underneath the buildings and so there were very few cars about. Quite the opposite to the hustle and bustle of the frantic campsite we have been to for the last couple of times.

Saint Endreol, Le Muy

Our beautiful villa remained so for approximately 23 minutes, which was long enough for our children’s room to resemble a war zone, having emptied the entire contents of their suitcases on the floor in search for swimming gear.  It wasn’t long before my husband had smashed the curtain pole off the wall in their room in an attempt to swat a mosquito and our room also quickly slid into disarray. We both lived like pigs and stepped out of our sweaty or wet clothes and left them on the floor much like two teenagers.  After all we were on holiday too and so too it appeared were our neat and tidy habbits!

At any one moment in time there were at least 6 wet towels on the floor of the bathroom and the kids slept in unmade beds for 10 days.  They slept on top of the bed covers for a week much to the cleaner’s confusion who after a week made up the beds with sheets.  After another 5 days we pointed out to them that they were actually meant to sleep under the sheets. They didn’t know what they were! Bless

Having realised that all our electricity was included in the price we washed all our clothes at least once and again before we packed them to come home.  The luxury of having air condition in the bedrooms was also slightly abused by us leaving it on full pelt for the entire two weeks day and night.  Well there was no mention of polite requests to only turn it on if absolutely necessary.  The garage door became a thing of novelty and we opened and closed it on many occasions and not just to get the car in and out.

So it is safe to say we made ourselves well and truly at home and made good use of the facilities, determined to get maximum value for our money. After all, we had a new suitcase to buy after one we brought with us broke monumentally in the airport.  About time we ditched the “pikey” bag we got from Frigginrola Fuengirola market!

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